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Pressing Die

Mar 26, 2021

The die of the tablet press is also an indispensable part of the most commonly used tablet press. After purchasing a tablet press, the correct selection of molds is also a very important task. In many tablet pharmaceutical factories, the tablet press cannot be used normally due to improper mold selection. Adopt the latest CAD/CAM technology, select advanced alloy steel, excellent heat treatment technology and scientific detection methods to produce various sheet metal stamping dies.

There are many kinds of molds, but we can distinguish them according to different equipment, materials, standards and shapes:

According to the different equipment used, it can be divided into single slab mold, rotary mold, flower basket mold and mold;

There are alloy steel molds, cemented carbide molds, ceramic molds, chrome-plated and titanium-plated molds. The most commonly used alloy steel materials are: GCr15, Crl2MoV, crwumn, 9mn2v, 9CrSi; the most commonly used materials for imported molds are: A2, O1, S1 , S7, PHG. S, phg-p.

There are ZP standard (gb12253.90) blanking dies, IPT international standard blanking dies, EU standard blanking dies, various non-standard special sheet metal blanking dies and battery ring blanking dies; (standard for high-speed sheet metal blanking dies JB/t20080.1-2006 (T series) recently passed the review).

Please pay attention to the quality of the mold, just like a car tire. If you don't look at the tire brand, you won't see the same tire. It takes a while to look in the car, and the mold is the same. You have to keep applying pressure to see the pros and cons.