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Problem Analysis Of Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

Nov 28, 2018

Problem analysis of automatic electronic counting machine


Question: Does the more orbits there are, the faster the particles will be counted?  

Answer: Actually, this statement is incorrect. Generally speaking, in the range of several hoppers, the faster the track number is, if the material you put in exceeds the pressure on the hopper, the force of its speed will be decomposed and the speed achieved will be slowed down.  


Question: How high is the accuracy of our counting machine? If some candy grains stick together, how can we distinguish them from each other?  

Answer: Our counting accuracy can reach 99.5%. If we talk about counting sticky objects, we will install a removal device according to the customer's requirements. Then, the eyepiece of the removal device of the counting machine will judge that there are surplus parts, which will be automatically removed, and there will be no phenomenon of more or less grains.  


Question: Our counting machine is still suitable for many products, isn't it?  

Answer: Yes, it is very easy to count some international standard pills, capsules and other items. For some products with non-smooth surface, they are treated separately, but they are generally acceptable.  


Question: What are the advantages of our counting machine and others?  

Answer: We use three-stage vibration to count grains, so that each particle has a certain distance, so there are few phenomena such as clay when counting grains. Moreover, our main driver of the counting machine is developed by ourselves, which also has great advantages.