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Problems And Treatments That May Occur During The Coating Process

Apr 28, 2018

Problems and treatments that may occur during the coating process

Rich Packing has accumulated rich experience in the coating of pills, and the problems and treatments that may occur in the process of coating and coating are summarized as follows:

(1) uneven color or spot.

The reason is that the amount of colored syrup is too low and unmixed, the drying temperature is too high, and the sugar crystallization is too fast and uneven. If the coat is not dry, it is light; "Migration" in the process of soluble pigment drying; Chinese medicine tablets are discoloured by moisture. Treatment: "thickening" or "darkening".

(2) dehulling

The reason is that the chip itself does not work; When the coating is not fully dry, water enters the core; The coating is different from the expansion coefficient of the tablet.

How to deal with it: in addition to the coating core drying, the coating should be strictly controlled with the amount and speed, and the drying temperature and degree should be paid attention to. If the shell is found, the coat will be washed and redressed.

(3) partial crack:

The reason is that the dosage of syrup and talcum powder is improper; The temperature is high and dry and fast, and the crystallization of the coarse sugar can leave cracks in one side. The carbonates in acid and talc produce carbon dioxide, or the sugar coating is too dry.

Treatment: to control the dosage of syrups and talcum powder, drying temperature and drying degree, using carbonate-free talcum powder, and paying attention to the storage temperature.

(4) dew edge and uneven height.

The reason lies in the improper dosage of coating material, too high temperature or too early; The core shape is not good, the edge is too thick; The Angle of the coating pot is too small, the film is falling too fast in the pot, and the impact rolling makes the angular part of the syrup and talcum powder less distributed.

Treatment method: adjust the dosage, the molasses is evenly wetted and one-sidedly, the powder is suitable for one-side uniform adhesion. When the surface of the tablet has no moisture, it can be blown to avoid drying too fast and even wrinkling. Adjust the wok to the best Angle; The dew side does not seriously continue to package several layers of layers of powder, to wrap up.

(5) sticky pot

The reason is that the syrup is excessive, or the agitation is not uniform, the pot temperature is lower is more likely to happen.

Processing method: the coating should be mixed uniformly, the syrup concentration should be constant, the dosage is appropriate, the pot temperature should not be too low.

(6) the syrup does not stick.

The reason is that the wax on the wall has not been removed; Premature use of electric furnace in operation; The coating pot installation Angle is too small.

Treatment: wash pan wall wax powder; Adopt the method of blowing hot air and low temperature of electric furnace, so that the film and the wall of the pot are heated evenly. Properly debug the coating pot Angle.

(7) it's not just bad.

The reason is that the partial sugar crystals are large and coarse; To dry or get too wet; The wax powder is damp and overused.

Treatment: control the coating conditions, adjust the dry humidity and the amount of wax powder.

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