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Problems That May Occur In The Process Of Sheet Press And Treatment Methods

Oct 26, 2018

Problems that may occur in the process of sheet press and treatment methods


The following are the problems that may occur when the tablet is used by guangdong Rich Packing and the treatment methods for your reference:

1 loose piece

Insufficient stickiness (too much raw powder) - regranulation with adhesive;

Too many oily ingredients in raw materials -- absorption agents (CaHPO4, CaCO3, etc.) are added as active ingredients.

If it's an inactive component, it gets deoiled;

Improper grain moisture content - drying and over - wet granule deformation, poor sheet hardness. The appropriate water content is 3% to 5%.

The concentration of ethanol is too high. Different lengths of punch; After the tablet pressure is too long dew in the air, water absorption expansion will also produce pine tablets.

2 sticky rushed

The particles are too wet, the lubricant dosage is insufficient or the distribution is not uniform; Stamping die has word or rough.

3. Disintegration time over-limit: pressure and hardness are important factors affecting disintegration time over-limit;

Effect of starch: starch can disintegrate insoluble or hydrophobic drugs quickly, but the effect of water-soluble drugs is poor.

The adhesive has strong adhesive strength and large dosage, which can make the disintegration time over limit.

The amount of lubricant can make the disintegrating time exceed the limit.

The disintegrations were significantly prolonged after the sugar tablets were stored at high temperature or wetted.

4 lobes:

Excessive fine powder or insufficient adhesives or excessively thick and thin particles can cause lobes - screen off fine powder, dry adhesives and uniform pressure tablets (CMC, microcrystalline cellulose, etc.);

More oil, more cellulose - added absorbent or powdered sugar;

The particles are small in water content and dry - spray ethanol to absorb moisture;

Too much pressure or too fast speed

Weight difference over-limit of 5 pieces: uneven grain thickness, uneven feeder and inflexible underpunching.

6. Lamination: due to adhesive stamping or upper blanking, the tablet is stuck on the upper blanking, and the position of the lower blanking is too low.

Discoloration or surface spots: particles are too hard, lubricants are uneven, and too much oil is applied


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