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Process And Process Of Tablet Coating

Jan 11, 2018

Process and process of tablet coating

Coating is an important part in the production process of tablets. How to do the work directly affects the quality of the coated tablets. Therefore, I will give some advice on the coating according to the coating technology I know.

First of all, the process of sugar coating is:

Sugar, talcum powder, gelatin and pigments are needed for sugar coating, and the amount of talc powder can reach more than 50% of the weight of the core.  

The general sugar coating has the following six steps:

1, bottom due to hardness of the tablet core can rarely reach more than 6kg, plus the individual core has some loose plate, if the direct isolation layer, easy bad phenomenon that the tablet core rolling in coating pan in the process, and the influence of the quality of tablets, so it needs to be wrapped in 2-3 layer powder coating. Increase the core hardness and wear resistance.

2. The isolation layer prevents the active components in the core from being attacked by water and degrade physical or chemical.

Gelatin syrup with talc powder, 3 layer 2% plate will roll to the desired shape and size.

4, Simple Syrup coated layer.

5, coloring layer of colored syrup.

6, polishing wax or paint to achieve bright luster and prevent outside moist air invasion.