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Professional Press Machinery Manufacturers To Help You Easily Deal With The Common Faults Of The Tablet Press

Aug 03, 2018

Professional press machinery manufacturers to help you easily deal with the common faults of the tablet press


Sheet press operation should be carefully according to the operation above the manual, but a lot of customer response in the use of the process encountered these conditions: using the tablet press production of loose or tablet appearance is not good, press wheel wear and so on, how to do? Donundefinedt worry, professional pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers to help you easily deal with the tablet press common problems, if you have not encountered any problems in the process of using the tablet press, you can learn about

The part of press wheel is easy to malfunction. The part of press wheel can be divided into upper wheel and lower wheel. It is also a device for adjusting the pressure of tablets and increasing the protection. Its common fault analysis and solution:

1. loose or poor appearance of tablets: loose or poor appearance of tablets, mainly caused by small pressure, uneven particles, low water content or difficult compaction of material composition, the solution is to adjust the pressure handwheel to increase the pressure, Adjust the composition of particles and excipients, dry particles can spray 75% ethanol wetting.

2. Wear of press wheel: the outer circle of press wheel is worn seriously, which will lead to heavy resistance at the end of punching rod, so it is necessary to replace the press wheel again. When press wheel bore and press wheel shaft wear seriously, also need to replace press wheel or press wheel shaft. In addition, the compression axle sometimes breaks and deforms, mainly due to excessive pressure, most of which are caused by excessive adjustment due to the difficult pressure of the material. At this time, it is necessary to replace the pressure axle and adjust the material. Re-adjust pressure.

3.  Press axle bearing oil or damage: regular lubrication maintenance of axle bearings, damage timely replacement.

Regulation system (pressure regulation, filling regulation) regulation system includes pressure regulation system and filling regulation system, common fault analysis and solutions:

(1) adjustment failure: in general, the adjustment failure is the handwheel screw loosening so that the handwheel can not adjust the function of the hand wheel, or the worm wheel is adjusted to die. At this time, the hand wheel and worm wheel should be checked and adjusted, and the measures can be solved by fastening screws, lubricating and turning the worm wheel.

(2)  filling instability, the main reasons are:

A, the material factor, the granulation is uneven or the material fluidity is poor

B, die wear resulting in different pieces or total superb difference;

C, the hopper height is not properly adjusted, and the grille filler behind the feeder is insufficient.

D, the wear of the filling front rail in the filling rail assembly is serious, resulting in jumping and flushing, so the filling rail assembly should be replaced at this time.

E, the wear of lifting rod in the filling rail assembly is serious, which results in the jitter of the filling rail due to the large adjustment gap, and the filling rail assembly should be replaced at this time;

F, the bottom of the feeder wear seriously, resulting in uneven gap between the bottom of the feeder and the turntable;

G, the attrition of the scraper is serious, resulting in poor powder scraping effect.

H, the vacuum effect of downwash is poor, resulting in slug.