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Pulverizer By The Impact Of The Tooth Plate

Sep 18, 2017

Pulverizer By the impact of the tooth plate

Crusher: Crusher using the activities of the tooth plate and fixed gear see the high-speed relative movement, so that the crushed by the impact of teeth, friction and the impact of the material and other comprehensive role in the smash. The machine structure is simple, strong, smooth operation, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can be directly discharged from the host grinding chamber, the size of the size of the screen through the replacement of different diameter mesh screen, the other machine for the whole stainless steel. All the inner walls of the chassis are machined to smooth the surface and change the roughness of the previous models. The production of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs and chemical products is more in line with the national standard and meet the requirements of GMP.

The working principle of the pulverizer: the use of movable gear and fixed gear between the relatively high-speed operation, so that the crushed by the impact of tooth plate,

Crusher application: grinder for pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. Processing of hard and difficult to smash the material, including plastic, copper, Chinese herbal medicine, rubber, etc. to crush, but also as a micro-shredders, ultra-fine grinding machine processing equipment before the process. It uses a fully enclosed silencer structure, which can effectively reduce the working noise. The machine installed in the cooling device, so that the machine temperature is reduced, work more smoothly, the machine motor speed 5000 r / min. The machine is made of Icr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, with strong wear and corrosion resistance, suitable for processing advanced and corrosive materials. The machine uses the impact of crushing method, the material into the crushing chamber, by the high-speed rotation of the six activities of the impact of the hammer, the ring and the material collide with each other and crushed, crushed material with the help of air, through the sieve into the Sheng Powder bag, leaving no residue. With high efficiency, low noise, work performance and product quality reliable, safe operation, drug hygiene and loss of small advantages.

The product is smaller in size than the large-scale running mill, so it is called the small grinder / the small mill / the small pulverizer according to its shape and volume characteristics. In addition, because of its small size, easy operation, clean and sanitary, very suitable for ordinary home users, so according to the practical scope, also known as household grinding machine / household grinder / household powder / household grinding machine. Thirdly, this machine is different from a water jet mill, which is a closed type pulverizer which is polished by high speed rotation. It is also called high speed pulverizer / high speed pulverizer / high speed pulverizer. This pulverizer is used in 220V of household electricity, so it is also known as electric grinder / electric powder / electric mill. As well as its fine grinding, also known as ultra-fine grinder ... ...