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Pulverizer How To Use A Grinder Correctly

Jul 17, 2017

Pulverizer How to use a grinder correctly

How to use a grinder correctly

1. The grinder and power unit should be installed firmly. If the mill is fixed on a long-term basis, it should be fixed on cement. If the pulverizer is mobile, the unit should be installed on the seat made of Angle iron and ensure that the power machine (diesel engine or motor) and the pulley groove of the grinder are in the same rotation plane.

2. After the grinder is installed, check the fastening conditions of the fasteners and tighten them if they are loose. Also check if the belt tightness is appropriate.

3. Mill, before starting to turn the rotor by hand first, check the tooth claw hammer, and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, and there are no collisions in the shell, the direction of rotation of the rotor machine direction arrow, engine and mill lubrication are in good condition.

4. Do not change the pulley, in case of high speed, the explosion of the pulverized chamber, or the low speed of the machine can affect the efficiency of the grinder.

The definition and function of the mill

Under the action of mechanical force, solid materials can overcome internal cohesion and divide into smaller particles, which is called crushing operation.

Operation of pulverized operation in food processing:

(1) meet the consumption needs of certain products. Coarse crusher such as wheat ground into flour, rice grain to be crushed into white rice before edible; (2) increase the surface area of the solid to facilitate the further processing of drying, dissolving and leaching. Cut into small pieces, such as vegetables and fruits; (3) the mixing of the components of the components can improve the mixing uniformity and meet the technological requirements. Raw material crushing is an indispensable process for the production of engineering, functional food and the manufacture of feed.

The working process and structure type of hammer mill

Work, the material from the inlet into the crushing chamber. Chinese medicine mill by high speed rotating hammer blow and crushing, particles with high speed flies to the sieve plate fixed on the body or mesh, further impact crushing, then back again by the hammer of knock-on effect. At the same time, materials are also subjected to friction and shear. To a certain extent, particles smaller than the sieve plate are discharged into the pulverized chamber, and the large particles continue to pulverize until all of them are excluded.

Some materials of low-temperature pulverizer are thermoplastic or very tough at normal temperature, which can be very difficult to crush. Freezer crusher can refrigerate the material and make the material brittle material. Using the characteristics of low temperature embrittlement of general materials, the cryogenic crushing methods of refrigerated materials with liquid nitrogen or liquefied natural gas are used.

Grape crushing machine

Is a raw material for making wine grapes picked grapes, often with a stem, stem contain malic acid, citric acid, and with an indication of soluble materials such as resin, if not eliminate, will affect the quality of the wine and flavor. Therefore, a mechanical method must be adopted to separate the fruit stalks from the grapes.