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Pulverizer Material Collection System

Jul 03, 2017

Pulverizer Material collection system

Universal crusher clogging is one of the common faults in the use of crushers, there may be problems with the design of the machine, but more due to the use of improper operation.

  (1) Feeding speed is too fast, the load increases, causing clogging

In the feeding process, we should always pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection angle, if more than the rated current, (if there is no ammeter products, pay attention to the nose and the motor normal work sound, abnormal sound) that motor overload, , Will burn the motor. This situation should immediately reduce or close the material door, you can also change the way the feed, by increasing the feeder to control the amount of feed. Feeder has manual, automatic two, the user should be based on the actual situation to select the appropriate feeder. As the universal crusher high speed, load, and the load of the strong volatility. Therefore, the current when the pulverizer is generally controlled at about 85% of the rated current.

(2) the discharge pipe is sluggish or blocked too fast, will make the universal crusher tuyere block; and improper matching with the transmission equipment will cause the discharge pipe wind weakened or no wind after the block; bag dust removal products, if not pay attention Regularly clean up the bag, but also likely to cause the wind blower air volume weakened or no wind after the block. Check the fault, you should first clear the port change does not match the transmission equipment, adjust the feed into the equipment to normal operation.

 (3) claws or hammer fragments, aging, screen hole closed, broken, crushed material moisture content is too high will make the universal crusher

 Should regularly update the broken and serious aging of the claws or hammer, to maintain a good working condition of the grinder, and regularly check the screen, crushed material moisture content should be less than 14%, which can improve production efficiency, but also to smash Machine does not block, enhance the reliability of the mill work.

 Ultrafine grinder is the use of air separation, pressure grinding, cutting the form of dry material to achieve ultra-fine grinding equipment. It consists of cylindrical crushing chamber, grinding wheel, grinding track, fan, material collection system and so on. The material enters the column crushing chamber through the feed port, and is crushed and cut by the grinding wheel which is circumferentially driven along the grinding rail. The crushed material is blown out of the crushing chamber by the negative pressure airflow caused by the fan, into the material collecting system, filtered through the filter bag, the air is discharged, the material and dust are collected and the crushing is completed. 1, the use of world-class manufacturing process, use the most high-end production materials.

2, more advanced moving E assembly, make it more durable. Moving E assembly using high-quality cast steel components, and through two large cast steel flywheel drive. In addition, heavy-duty eccentric shaft is also used for forging processing, all of which make JC series of jaw crusher with extraordinary reliability.

3, bearing the use of integral cast steel structure. The integral cast steel housing ensures complete fit with the rack, and greatly enhances the radial strength of the housing, while the split housing does not have this advantage.

4, the use of finite element analysis technology, with higher strength.

5, coarse crushing cavity using symmetrical "V" -shaped structure, so that the actual feed width and the nominal width of the inlet is consistent.

6, discharge port adjustment more convenient and convenient. European version of the JC series of equipment with wedge discharge port adjustment device, the device than the old gasket adjustment is more simple, safe and fast.

7, the choice of bearing specifications larger, higher carrying capacity. All JC series crushing equipment is equipped with larger and more durable eccentric shaft bearings than other coarse crushers of the same specification, and its higher load carrying capacity and effective labyrinth seals extend the bearing life greatly

8, the latest use of the tooth-shaped shield, an increase of the effective length of the E-plate, higher yield.