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Pulverizer Operation To Use

Sep 06, 2017

Pulverizer Operation to use

Proper use of the pulverizer

Operation to use

1, first carefully check whether the equipment is damaged in transit, and then the high machine and auxiliary electronic control device in place, and then connected to the main and auxiliary pipe road, each pipe flanges must be sealed with the seal Dyeing "iron 609" liquid sealant to ensure the sealing of the pipeline, while the stand-alone and pipeline flanges are connected with the grounding wire, and ground, in order to avoid static spark caused by dust explosion.

2, each stand-alone trial operation before the need to check whether there are metal waste and other debris, if any, immediately excluded. Check the bolt is strong, the belt is tight, the reliability of the protective cover and so on.

3, according to the following order to start a stable in the various motor, close the throttle start, grinder -> dust> grading device -> screw feed> open the throttle -> air blower.

4, empty car running five minutes later, the operator to carefully observe the control cabinet on a variety of instruments, to be no-load current stability, before feeding. After the feed, do not allow the current exceeds the rated value, or should be reduced to the amount of feed to ensure that the normal operation of discharge can be scheduled to work.

5, can be stopped in the following order screw feed -> five minutes after the operation can be shut down with the host, dust collector, classifier -> air blower.

6, the control classifier stepless speed change handle, can change the speed of the grading wheel, while adjusting the product to achieve the fine. Such as the requirements of fine grain size, can increase the speed, and vice versa to reduce the speed, large particle size particles.

In general, the pulverizer is heated in the pulverization process, especially for the PVPK90 (povidone K90) powder, PVP K60 powder, K120 powder, PVM / MA copolymer and high purity vinyl ether intermediate material, The temperature and humidity affect the composition of the product changes, the machine for the material of this feature, the entire unit using special tools for crushing, crushing fineness of up to 80-120 head (granularity can be adjusted). The material into the hopper has a spiral to send the material, such as the host through a special tool for grinding, through the internal grading machine to achieve the fineness of the material from the fan pressure into the cyclone filter by the automatic feeder discharge, not fineness of the material In the host to continue to crush, dust into the pulse dust box recycling, pulse dust box filter bag with anti-static filter cloth, powder collection to 99.9%. The machine has a wind-type selection, no screen, by the internal classification machine control uniform particle size, the production process for continuous. In continuous operation without warming, to achieve clean production. At present, fraternity new open source Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has three lines have been put into use.