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Pulverizer Structure Of Precision

Oct 11, 2017

Pulverizer Structure of precision

Crusher principle and characteristics? Mill choose high-speed single phase motor, choose high quality 304 stainless steel manufacturing, form a complete set of national standard motor, first used in the chemical materials, traditional Chinese medicinal materials including roots, branches and block class materials, all kinds of oil content of grain, grain and other hard and brittle materials. The pulverizer USES the relative high speed between the active toothed disc and the fixed tooth disc, which can crush the crush, conflict and material collision of the crushed objects. , material can be directly from the eduction in grinding chamber, the discharging mouth, the material through into the bag to collect after crushing, grinding materials to collect in the bag, after the air out of the bag of small cavity, will not be fine powder, and then have no waste, no pollution effect. Coarse and fine can change the mesh of different Numbers. Mill construction precision, small volume, light weight, high effective, no dust, clean sanitation, operating a brief, appearance beautiful, both energy saving and safety features, make the medicine, food, chemical industry, such as yield more fit the national standard, to reach the GMP requirements.

The shredder characteristics clarify: fine, beautiful, light weight, can move freely; Mill has simple operation, don't stir, low noise, power saving electricity and safety features, particularly suitable for clinics, hospital pharmacy of traditional Chinese medicine pieces, pharmacy, health care products out of the vending machine valet processing, research institute, analyze the small sample in the lab and family food pieces, etc.; Instead of traditional ramming, the work efficiency can be improved 50 times. The planning of super high speed motor, the high degree of fine grinding of medicinal materials (the majority of Chinese medicine crushed fineness of 20-80 items); Large scale: traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, chemical raw materials, metal, food and other oily, soft and hard materials can be extremely well smashed. Ultra-micro crusher is an outward - oriented high speed crushing, crushing speed is fast, under the premise of ensuring fineness, such as the pearl can shatter 3Kg per hour. It can reach 5Kg per hour, and it has a viscosity of about 2Kg/h. The operation is brief, without sieving, the remaining materials are very few after crushing, easy to arrange. Humanized programming, with overload and false switch to protect equipment, operate carefree. Can be used in succession, with strong air and cold equipment, thus no use time limit.

Superfine mill is export-oriented type high speed grinding, the material into the crushing chamber, by rotating hammer to achieve ambitions of crushing effect, the crushed material, active entered into the catcher, dust by dust collector through a bag filter. There is no dust in the production process, and it can improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce the company's capital. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material, which conforms to the "GMP" specification, which is convenient for the disassembly and cleaning of the pulverized chamber. It is a new generation of dust crushing equipment that has long been sought by the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Ultramicro pulverizer crush fineness, fast crushing speed, wide application range, simple operation, can be used anywhere. Little space high-speed fine touch attack principle and successive winnowing organization, can make the average grain size more than 150 mesh, up to more than 300 mesh, is rare in the small mill could be happened useful output and fineness of micro powder levels of superior machine.