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Pulverizer The Cause Of Vibration

Sep 27, 2017

Pulverizer The cause of vibration

Discussion on the Reason and Solution of Strong Vibration of High Efficiency Crusher

To explore the reasons and solutions for the strong vibration of the high-efficiency grinder, the grinder should be very wide in our lives, especially in the kitchen, for example, we use rice flour, chili powder, flour and so on through the efficient food mill Do, in the high-speed operation, you can quickly grinding out the rice we want. Then there will be a lot of problems in the use of the process, than people vibration larger, what is the reason, we are here the most important is to introduce and solve this problem.

Cause 1: The spindle bending deformation caused strong vibration. Solution 1: The solution is to straighten or replace the deformed spindle. In the case of

Cause 2: The corner fixing nut is not fastened or loose during operation. Solution 2: The solution is to tighten. In the case of

Reason 3: other parts on the rotor weight imbalance, then need to carefully check the balance of balance.

Cause 4: bearing clearance exceeds limit or damage. Generally used to replace the new bearings to solve the problem.

Reason 5: individual hammer card too tight, did not throw off the operation. Can wait until the rough machine after the shutdown by hand observation, try to make the hammer rotating flexible.

Reason 6: corresponding to the difference between the two groups of hammer weight more than 5 grams.

Cause 7: The hammer is installed incorrectly in the service assembly. Video repeater hammer face-changing U-turn use, in order to prevent the weight of the rotor out of balance, efficient shredder all the hammer must be a face-up U-turn, otherwise it will be in the operation of a strong vibration. Efficient crusher industry will move in several directions, mainly from the following four aspects to consider:

The first aspect: efficient pulverizer equipment using low energy consumption and reduce the weight of the design principles, in the actual production of low environmental pollution materials;

The second aspect: the effective control of efficient pulverizer in the production process of dust problems, efficient use of resources, does not produce waste;

The third aspect: to minimize its power, so that the design is reasonable, to achieve energy-saving problems, improve the efficiency of the use of the machine;

The fourth aspect: efficient grinding machine wear parts thickening, to extend the service life, this is now with our mature technology has a great relationship.

So, the future will be efficient crusher green development period, will move in this direction, is to talk about the above 4 points.