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Recognize The Cause Of Pollution And Make The Tablet Press Clean

Apr 12, 2018

Recognize the cause of pollution and make the tablet press clean

In the current environmental protection era, high-end, energy-saving has become the pharmaceutical equipment industry in the pursuit of product design.

It is understood that at present, most small and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises are using tablet press, because of the limitation and defect of the equipment, it brings many practical problems to the GMP management and product quality of the enterprise.Some manufacturing enterprises do not pay much attention to the modern management of pharmaceutical enterprises and GMP requirements due to the lack of awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection.Pollution, cleaning difficulties, products can not achieve online detection, equipment operating records by manual filling are the industry development problems.Therefore, how to break through these problems is a difficult problem to be solved by machines in sheet press industry.

It is reported that one of the main reasons for the contamination of the tablet press is that the lubrication system is not properly designed, and the particularity of the pharmaceutical equipment is not fully considered. The equipment lubricates with a large number of liquid lubricants and the seal is not good enough, which often results in drug contamination.Equipment manufacturers may consider adding grease timing lubricating devices or adopting reliable sealing methods to reduce or eliminate the contamination of medicines by lubricants.

Another major source of pollution is the poor sealing of the feeder and the rotating platform, resulting in dust pollution.The UK MANESTY adopts a non-gap feeder with polyurethane seal ring structure, which makes the bottom of the feeder contact with the center die of the rotary table with zero clearance, thus avoiding the defect of the current feeder on the seal.
    Most domestic press equipment cleaning is very difficult, can not achieve on-line cleaning.When cleaning, not only to remove up, down, medium mold, but also not easy to remove, not easy to clear the dead corner.And some foreign pressing machine can realize quick loading and unloading and on-line cleaning.That is, with a small number of tools, adjust a small number of components can be quickly, easy to install and disassemble parts to be cleaned.Some laminate press also uses can change the turntable to realize the quick cleaning.

Now that we understand the cause of the pollution of the tablet press , the domestic tablet press industry should treat the problem and ensure the clean production of the industry so that it can realize sustainable development .