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Selection Skills Of Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

Apr 23, 2020

Selection skills of automatic electronic counting machine


Only a good selection of fully automatic electronic counting machine can guarantee the normal operation of production. It is understood that a good counting machine equipment generally needs to be inspected from the aspects of reliability, applicability, safety, and ease of operation.


For example, in terms of reliability, the link that affects the reliability of the counting machine is generally related to the photoelectric sensor, the sub-bin mechanism, the discharge port, and the parts of the bottle walking mechanism. The equipment should adopt high dust-resistance sensing technology, so that even if it works for a long time at high speed, it can ensure continuous and reliable counting work. Secondly, the design and manufacture of each agency itself must be scientific, reasonable and reliable. At the same time, the working status of each agency must be comprehensively monitored in real time. Once an abnormality is found, it should be reported to the police in time and the corresponding action should be performed.


In terms of applicability, due to the variety of medicine granules, you should buy a fully compatible counting machine as much as possible, and at the same time flexibly adjust to different specifications of medicine packaging, in order to reduce the number of purchased equipment, save costs and plant for enterprises space.


In terms of safety, in addition to protecting the quality and packaging of medicines, the optional counting machine also needs to select corresponding safety materials to ensure that no damage to the medicines is caused during the counting process. Drug delivery agencies and sub-warehouse agencies.


In terms of operability, the counting machine should be easy to adjust, operate and clean. Reduce the difficulty for the operation, cleaning and adjustment of operators, and ensure the safe operation of production.


In addition, when operating a device, only by first understanding its working principle can it help the operator to better control the device. According to the industry, the working principle of the automatic electronic counting machine is very simple. When the counting machine is used in a single machine, the product that needs the counting machine is manually poured into the top discharge device, and the machine sends the product to the rotating plate through vibration, and then the rotating plate sends the product to different tracks After passing through the track, count the grains through the electric eye. After the counts are accurate, they will fall into the funnel along the slide and then fall into the bottle to complete the work of counting the bottles.


In this process, the automatic electronic counting machine is monitored by the electric eye to check whether the counting is accurate. For some extra particles or particles that are stuck together, the automatic electronic counting machine will remove these unqualified products. Automatically reject.

After understanding the working principle of the automatic counting machine, it is necessary to operate the equipment correctly and scientifically to ensure the stable operation of production. It is understood that many users often encounter some problems in the process of using the automatic counting machine, and do not know how to solve them.


For example, the problem of electrostatically adsorbed materials is a problem that many users have during use. The industry suggests that to avoid static electricity, you can add a partition or attach non-polar data to the inner wall of the falling shield to prevent electronic transportation. Adding a grounding power cord and equipment connection in the falling shield is useful. Discharge static electricity, then avoid static electricity.


Do your homework in advance so that the operator can grasp the problem even if the counting machine encounters a failure, and the correct processing method can increase the service life of the equipment and reduce the cost of enterprise maintenance.