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Several Aspects Of The Tablet Press To Be Improved

May 27, 2020

Several aspects of the tablet press to be improved

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The tablet press is mainly used in the study of tablet technology in pharmaceutical industry. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, tablet medicine is more and more favored by patients because of the advantages of simple taking and convenient carrying, and tablet press will be paid more and more attention by the market. With the improvement of manufacturing technology level, automatic control technology and different special needs of tablet press manufacturers, various special purpose tablet press also appeared one after another.

It is understood that the earliest tablet press by a pair of punch die composition, and later developed into an electric basket tablet press. The working principle of these two kinds of tablet press is the one-way sheet press which is based on the manual die pressing, that is, the press press press is fixed at the moment, and only the upper press is pressed. This way of pressing tablets, because the upper and lower forces are not consistent, resulting in uneven density inside the tablets, easy to produce cracks and other problems.

Aiming at the disadvantages of one-way tablet press, a rotating multi-punching two-way tablet press was born. This tablet press is uniformly pressed up and down at the same time, so that the air in the drug particles has sufficient time to escape the mold hole, which improves the uniformity of the tablet density and reduces the fragmentation phenomenon. In addition, the rotary tablet press also has the advantages of small vibration, low noise, less energy consumption, high efficiency and accurate weight of the tablet. At present, with the development of automation technology, the production of automatic high-speed tablet press has won the favor of the market. 

With the development of market demand, the scope of application of tablet press is more and more wide, no longer simply confined to pressing Chinese and Western tablets, but also can widely suppress health food, animal tablets, chemical tablets: such as camphor pills sanitary balls, washing blocks, blue essence blocks, fine arts powder, pesticide tablets, food tablets: chicken essence blocks, blue root blocks, Shenqu tea blocks, compressed biscuits and so on. Industry insiders said the speed of the tablet press has a direct impact on the service life of the machine, tablet weight, tablet quality. Because of the different properties, viscosity, water content, particle size distribution and the size and pressure of the particle size, the uniform law can not be made and can only be determined according to the actual situation and the experience of technicians. The tablet press can press all kinds of granular raw materials into wafers, which is suitable for laboratory trial production or small batch production of various tablets, sugar tablets, calcium tablets, special-shaped tablets and so on. Generally can provide various shapes of mold according to customer requirements.

From the present point of view, the technology content of Chinese tablet press industry is low, and the power after technological innovation is insufficient. Although China has new products introduced every year, there are few varieties with high real technology level and high added value. In addition, the repeated development of products is serious, some small-scale pharmaceutical equipment enterprises not only adopt the "imitation" strategy in technological innovation, but also some manufacturers almost rely on copying other people's technology as their own technology "innovation ". Even more in order to compete for orders, often take the means of price reduction.