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Several Cases Of Disassembly Of The Die Of The Powder Tablet Press

Feb 19, 2019

Several cases of disassembly of the die of the powder tablet press

Introduction to the stamping die of the tablet press:

Powder press die according to the weight of the material density, diameter will have a little change, can be crossed. Flat flush is generally used for chewable tablets, oral lozenges, etc., shallow concave tablets can wrap film coating, deep concave tablets can wrap sugar coating, can also wrap film coating. When the tablet weight is larger (500mg), the special-shaped tablet looks smaller, which is easy for patients to accept psychologically. When measuring hardness, the special-shaped piece should be measured at both ends of the long axis. Long term do not need to remove plug clean with the oil to save, short term do not need to daub hard magnesium or talcum powder. Die rust can be used fine sandpaper grinding gently, can not rub over, otherwise easy to leakage powder. Then use hard magnesium and compressible starch to repeatedly press the tablets to remove the rust.

Guangdong ruiqi powder tablet press die removal several cases:

1. Remove the up-flush: loosen the up-flush fastening nut to pull out the up-flush rod. If the fit is tight, the up-flush rod can be pulled out by clamping the upper flush rod with hand pliers, but the edge of the punch shall not be damaged.

2. Remove the middle die: loosen the middle die fixing screw, screw down the screw, loosen the butterfly screw, and loosen the gear platen. Transfer the moving adjusting gear to make the lower core bar rise 10mm, gently rotate the handwheel, so that the lower core bar will die out part, take out the middle die with your hand, if the middle die in the hole with a tight, not hard rotation handwheel top, so as not to damage the parts. At this time must be removed from the plate in the middle die out of the middle die.

3. Remove the down flush: first, remove the down flush fixing screw, and then rotate the hand wheel to make the down flush core bar rise to the high position of zui. Then, pull out the up flush bar by hand. If the fit is tight, it can be clamped out by hand forceps (be careful not to damage the edge of punch).

4. After the punch is disassembled, it is necessary to turn the adjusting gear so that the down-punching core bar can be withdrawn by about 10mm. When the hand-wheel is turned to make the down-punching core bar rise to the high position of zui, the top of the down-punching core bar is not higher than the bottom of the plate of the middle die (this step should not be ignored, so as to avoid the accident of the down-punching core bar colliding with the middle die when it is used again). Zui will still be down fixed screw screw.

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