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Solution For Vibration Of Two-color Tablet Press Machine

Jun 26, 2019

Solution for vibration of two-color tablet press Machine


In the process of operation, there will inevitably be some small accidents, and vibration is one of them. The reasons for the vibration of the two-color tablet press can be summarized as follows: 1. The synchronous belt is too tight or too loose; 2. The pressure on both sides is not balanced; 3.



Failure reason 1: the synchronous belt is too loose or too tight. This is a minor cause of failure. The equipment management personnel only need to adjust the synchronous belt appropriately according to the operational requirements.


Failure reason 2: excessive materials or excessive viscosity. Either too much material is added or the viscosity of the material is too large, it will cause the plug. To solve this problem, may wish to try to control the amount of added materials and the viscosity of materials, can easily solve the problem of plug;




Failure reason three: the transmission part clearance is large. After a long time of use, there will be a certain gap between the transmission parts of the two-color tablet press, resulting in the parts are not in place, thus forming vibration. In this case, equipment management personnel can tighten the parts, reduce the gap between the transmission parts;


Failure reason 4: unbalanced pressure on both sides of the equipment. When the pressure on both sides of the equipment cannot reach the balance, it will vibrate due to the lack of synchronization. You just need to adjust the pressure on both sides to be consistent.




Failure reason 5: main worm gear box, bearing lack of oil, serious wear. In this case, a regular lubricating oil replacement cycle can be established and regular inspections conducted to ensure that the lubricating oil is sufficient to support the operation of the equipment.


Failure reason 6: motor and mechanical transmission parts produce staged resonance. In this case, equipment management personnel should pay attention to avoid the use of vibration section speed;




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