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Some Approach To Solve Instable Powder Filling

Mar 16, 2018

Some approach to solve instable powder filling

If caused by moisture obsorption of herbal powder, pay attention to extraction process, adopt alcohol extration-water precipitation to improve the technic. Avoid adding Hygroscopic ingredient , at the same time,remain and add some pulverized crude drug contain more starch,or add acrylic resin reduce hygroscopicity.

If its the problem of pharmaceutic adjuvant,change the prescription. Adding AVIRIN can help absorb more powder or adding dispersed adjuvant or using more ,for example, adopt maltose or mannitol rather than saccharose to reduce the obsorption of moisture.

Adding something to improve the fluidity such as Gum Acacia,magnesium oxide and dolomol,etc.

The other solutions are as follows:

.The drier the powder is, the better.

Keep the humidity and the temperature at a low level.

Increase the usage of dolomol.

The package must use damp-proof materials.

If the powder is finer, the content wlii be more precise.

Inspect the position of the filling part and the metering plate,Dont add too much powder.High-speed capsule filling and change the worn part quickly. Polish the powder sticked outside of the capsules and pack fast.