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Special Requirements Of Tablet Press Structure And Use Requirements Analysis

Aug 14, 2019

Special requirements of tablet press structure and use requirements analysis


The tablet press with special requirements has its own specific structure, and the use requirements also need attention. The following is a summary of several common models.


一、Analysis of the structure and use requirements of the tablet press using shaped die:

Tablets pressed using a irregular shape die have clear positioning requirements for the die during pressing, such as square, trapezoidal, triangular, elliptical, polygonal, etc., non-circular shapes. The requirements for the structure of the tablet press are mainly the upper punch hole processing keyway of the turntable (for positioning the upper punch), and the requirement of the punching die is that the upper punch needs to have an orientation key, so that it can be mounted on the turntable during installation. The punch holes are matched. The lower punch does not leave the middle die hole during the process of pressing, and its positioning and coordination is clear, so no special processing is needed.

When the tablet is pressed by the special die, the punch can not be freely rotated in the punch hole, and can only be moved up and down along the upper and lower rails, and at the same time, the sliding friction is generated by the turntable and the guide rail, which exacerbates the punching. Wear of the rods and rails and wear of the rams and turrets. Therefore, in the process of use, pay great attention to the lubrication of the punch and the guide rail, forming a daily maintenance system; the keys of the punch should also be checked regularly, if the loose keys will cause the keys and the keyway and the punch and the punch hole to wear, It affects the positioning requirements of the punch for the middle die. In severe cases, it will damage the punch and the middle die and cannot be produced normally.

When installing the special-shaped die, firstly, the punch and the middle die should be positioned accurately. After the punch is free to enter the middle die, the middle die top wire is fastened to prevent the punch and the middle die from being "bited" due to inaccurate positioning. After all the dies are installed, apply the handwheel for a few laps, no abnormalities, and then run the power.

二、 Analysis of structure and use requirements of two-color tablet press

The two-color tablet presser presses two different materials into one tablet. The two materials are separated from each other and the color is clear. The two-color tablet is pressed. The structure of the tablet press is mainly designed and modified for the lower guide rail. Fill twice, one at a time.

The main situations that occur during the process of pressing the two-color film are as follows: (1) The content of the two materials on the same tablet does not meet the requirements. This is mainly because the filling adjustment system is not adjusted well, and the content of one material can be adjusted first. Then adjust the content of another material;


(2) the two materials extruded from the tablet have a fragmentation phenomenon, the hardness is not uniform, one material is hard, and one material is soft, the main reason is: 1) is the reason of the material, The density, dryness and uniformity of the two materials were not adjusted well, and the materials were adjusted and then pressed; 2) the pressure of the two materials was not adjusted well, and the principle of the two-color film was double-filled, once into pieces. If the pressure is not adjusted after the first filling, the hardness of the lower half is either hard or soft. After the second filling, the pressure is set for a complete tablet, so the adjustment of the pressure determines the tableting and bonding of the tablet. degree.

The two-color tablet press generally needs to be equipped with two vacuum cleaners, which can separately absorb the two materials and recycle them. If the user has precise requirements on the composition of the two materials, the tablet press can be provided with a separate piece for the tablet extruded from one of the materials, and the measurement is accurately measured to determine the content.