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Starting From Customers And Serving Every Customer Well

Mar 25, 2021

Ruiqi insists on serving customers well from the perspective of users. 2021 starts a new journey. The company actively promotes precision development, pays attention to innovation and structural adjustment, and vigorously promotes the "double improvement" of product quality and service quality.

Domestic Inner Mongolia customers bought the company's new product this year: 16r standard edition automatic pills counting and bottling machine line. On March 13, 2021, the company arranged technical personnel to come to the customer's production workshop for debugging. Due to many factors and specifications involved in the commissioning, it is a work with high technical requirements. After detailed operation and explanation by the technical personnel of Ruiqi company, the customer has put the product into normal production.

This trip, the company's service, technical personnel patiently explain and operation instructions have been recognized by Inner Mongolia customers; for the company, to give a customer high-quality service is the most basic criterion, in the face of customers get service quality evaluation, is worth the company to thank customers.