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Structural Features Tablet Press Machine

Jul 03, 2019

Structural Features Tablet Press machine

1. The upper part of the machine is a tablet structure. Its composition is mainly upper punch, middle die and under punch. The three parts are connected together, and the surrounding 33 punches are evenly arranged on the edge of the turntable. The tail of the upper and lower punches is embedded in the fixed curved rail guide. When the rotary disc rotates, the upper and lower punches are lifted and moved with the curved rail guide to achieve the purpose of pressing.

2, the main work process is divided into: (1) filling; (2) pressurization; (3) filming; three procedures are carried out continuously, filling and pressurizing have adjustment control mechanism, with a description of the table, easy to operate.

3. The distribution of the structure is double-pressure type, and two sets of symmetrical pressure rollers are installed on the left and right sides, so each turn can be continuously produced.

4. The die holes of the turntable are 33, arranged in a single order. The advantage is that when working, the left and right pressure wheels are pressed at different times, so that the vibration and power consumption of the machine are greatly reduced.

5. The motor is installed in the base of the machine. The worm is rotated by the V-belt to rotate the turntable, and the stepless shifting pulley is arranged on the motor shaft. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily by the movement of the motor slide. Safe and reliable, no noise.

6. The side of the machine base is equipped with a powder suction box, which has a blower, a powder storage room and a powder filter room. When the machine is running at high speed, the powder of the fly powder and the middle mold is produced, and the powder is removed by the powder nozzle. The bond is plugged and kept running smoothly and normally.