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Structure And Characteristics Of Rotary Tablet Press

Mar 19, 2021

It could be said that, the emergence of rotary tablet press solves the problems of pharmacy producing and processing. It would be easily decomposed into exquisite traditional medicinal materials and turned into tablet type, so it is favored by many factories.

 The machine uses a flow grid feeding mechanism, that can make the raw makings evenly fill into the die holes, and at the same time reduce the difference of weight . The motors are installed in the frame, and the worm wheels and worm drives turntable is dragged by the V-belt. On the motor shaft, the speed change belt pulley of the machine device can adjust the speed at will, base on the movement of the motor.

 The side of the press machine model base is provided by a powder suction box, in which the blower motor, the powder storage room and the powder filtering room are arranged. When the equipment is working at fast speed, it will cause flying powder and falling powder into the vertical mold. Clean it according to the powder suction nozzle, so it is not easily to block the adhesion, and it can make all aspects stable in the progress.

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