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Structure Of Capsule Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine

Aug 08, 2018

Structure of capsule aluminum plastic packaging machine

The main mechanism and function of capsule aluminum plastic packaging machine

The main body of the machine includes fuselage, aluminum foil support, forming heating, rolling die mechanism, feeder, PVC bracket, hot sealing mesh, step mechanism, transmission mechanism, punching mechanism, batch number mechanism, electrical control box, etc.

1, fuselage: the fuselage is mainly composed of frame and wallboard, which is the main body to support all other components.

2, aluminum plastic drum: including aluminum foil drum and plastic drum two parts. The reel is mainly composed of the cylinder, the inner and outer stator, the brake ring and the adjusting nut. The two ends of the barrel are supported on the supporting axis with rolling bearings, which are the rotating parts of the reel. When the plastic film or aluminum foil is drawn, the rolls are freely rotated. The stator is divided into inner and outer stators, the sliding sleeve is on the cylindrical surface outside the cylinder, and the fixed screw is fixed at any position of the cylinder body to install the coil of different widths. The brake ring is mounted on the outer cylindrical surface of the cylinder and fixed to the support plate. For the reel in the rest part, the brake cylinder is used as the brake cylinder, tightening or withdrawing 4 adjusting screws outside the circumference of the brake ring, which can increase or reduce the brake force to the cylinder, make the drawn film or aluminum foil get the necessary tension and adjust the nut to be mounted in the supporting country and set up. It is mounted on the cylindrical surface of the outer end of the cylinder and connects with the copper body with 1 bearings. In the case of rotation of the cylinder, the adjusting nut can be rotated to make the cylinder move in axial direction, so as to adjust the transverse position of the Zheng material. The supporting shaft is fixed on the supporting plate, and the supporting plate is fixed on the fuselage to form the supporting body of the drum.

4. Positive pressure forming and plate heating are used for heating.

5. Rolling die: the key parts of this machine, it cooperates with the plastic-absorbing heater and the hot-sealing roller, and completes the forming of the bubble cover and the hot-pressing sealing process successively. The component is mainly composed of rolling die, rolling die axis, moon valve plate, vacuum and cooling system. The roll die is made of hard aluminum gold with a bubble nest on the surface and holes in the bottom of the nest. The plastic film through the heater is heated and softened through the heating of the heater through the vacuum suction tube, and it is sucked into a bubble cover. The rolling die sleeve is mounted on the rolling die shaft and fastened with nuts. When changing medicine, the rolling die can be replaced by opening the sealing end cover of the rolling die and releasing the nut. The shaft core of the roll die is provided with an inlet and a drainage channel. The cooling water enters the rolling mold through the water channel and plays a cooling role.

6. Feeder: it is mainly composed of material, material trough, disk brush, rolling brush and DC motor, etc. it is used for storing medicine. When the gate is opened, the drug enters the material slot by itself, then the medicine is brushed into the formed bubble hood with three rotating disk brushes around the vertical axis, and the three disk brushes are rotated on the planet track to improve the filling rate of the feeder. The roll brush is rotated in clockwise direction around the horizontal axis and placed in the outlet of the feeder, and the drugs on the film can not be entered into the bubble cover.  Or brush back the feeder.

7. Hot sealing reticle roll: heat sealing reticule roll and roll die cooperate to complete the hot press seal of film and aluminum foil. The hot seal reticulated roll is mainly composed of the reticulated roll compression spring, the clutch device and the bracket. The reticulated roll has six heating tubes in the body. The reticulated roll is heated at work, and the hot melt adhesive on the surface of the aluminum foil into the heat seal is heated and melted. The net is heated and melted. The square roller bearing at the two ends of the roller roller goes to the bracket chute, and uses the compression spring to pressurize the anilox roller. When working, the anilox roller is close to the suction and rolling mould, so that the heat sealing film can be sealed by heating the aluminum foil. The clutch consists of a cam and a fork, which rotates in the direction of counterclockwise, moves the square bearing right through the fork, compresses the pressure spring in reverse, and then leaves the rolling die. When there is no plastic film and aluminum foil entering or not entering the heat seal at the same time, the mesh roll and the roll die must avoid contact, otherwise the reticle roll and the roll die will be damaged.

8, batch number device: the batch number is set in the punch die with a square hole on the top of the mold cavity, the steel character clip is loaded in the rectangular hole, the steel word is joined together by the steel word clip, the steel word clip is pressed by the press plate on the lateral end of the steel word clip, and the adjusting screw on the press plate is used to adjust the pressure of the batch number. The steel character clip is removed and the steel word is reloaded. The press plate can,

9. Stepping mechanism: the intermittent feeding mechanism with punching mechanism is made up of intermittent motion mechanism and stepping roller. The continuous motion of the transmission mechanism is converted into intermittent motion by using the groove wheel. There are bubbles on the surface of the stepping roller. The bubbles are combined with the plastic bubble belt to pull the bubble belt.  The movement of the roller and the die must be strictly coordinated. The roller must be fed in the return time of the die. When the movement is incongruous, the gear plate of the intermittent movement mechanism is first loosened (in the transmission box), and the gear plate is swung, so that the gear is separated from the meshing state, and then the feed time is adjusted.

10, transmission mechanism: the mechanism includes main motor, tower wheel transmission, cycloidal pinwheel reducer and transmission gear. The main electric power is transmitted to the rolling die, stepping mechanism and punching mechanism by gear transmission respectively.

11. The punch die mechanism of the capsule aluminum plastic packaging machine: the mechanism is to blanking the plastic blister into a plate and packing the finished product. This is mainly composed of the crank rod mechanism, the medium template (punch), the mold cavity and the blade and so on. It is made by the crank connecting rod mechanism to realize the reciprocating movement of the middle die, and the plate is blanked by the medium template and the mold cavity. The blade is installed under the medium template. Side, with the medium plate motion cutting to bubble edge.