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Structure Of ZP-10 Rotary Press Machine

Jul 23, 2019

Structure of ZP-10 Rotary Press Machine

ZP-10 rotary tablet press machine is a kind of automatic and continuous tablet press. It can press granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used in tablet production in pharmaceutical industry, and is also suitable for chemical, food and electronic industries. The outer cover is fully enclosed and the material is stainless steel. It can keep the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, which meets the requirements of GMP. Doors and windows equipped with transparent glass can clearly observe the state of tablets, and can be fully opened, easy to clean and maintain the interior. Frequency conversion speed regulating device is used for electric speed regulating, which is easy to operate, smooth to rotate, safe and accurate. Equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure overload, can automatically stop.


Structural of ZP-10 rotary tablet press machine:

1. The main working processes are: (1) filling; (2) pressing; and (3) discharging. The three programs are carried out continuously. The functions of pressure, filling depth and rotating speed are all adjusted on the touch screen. The measurement is accurate and easy to read, verify and use by customers.


2. The upper part is a sheet structure: it consists of three parts: upstream, middle and downward punching. The punches around it are evenly arranged on the edge of the turntable and the tail of the upstream and downward punch rods are embedded on the fixed curved guide rail. When the turntable rotates, the upstream and downward punches reach the tablets with the curve guide moving up and down.


3. The tablet press turntable is made of ductile iron, and after 12 months of aging, it has stable chemical properties, hard, corrosion-resistant and durable.


4. Compressor equipped with forced feeding function can achieve smooth cutting for materials with poor fluidity.



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