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Structure Principle Of Filling Machine

Mar 16, 2017

The structure of the filling machine mainly consists of three parts: the storage tank, the filling machine and the frequency control belt.

The storage tank of the storage tank is located on the upper part of the machine. The liquid used procedure from electromagnetic valve into the tank, when reaching the appropriate level, the liquid level sensor sends a signal, the control part controls the solenoid valve closed to stop feeding electrical, when surface down to a certain position, can open the feed valve again feed. The lower part of the storage tank is provided with a discharge port which is connected with the suction pipe of the filling main body through a pipeline.

The filling machine host filling machine is the main device to complete the filling action, the front part of the main machine is provided with a plurality of filling heads, and both sides are respectively provided with a liquid extraction cylinder. The liquid in the storage tank is pumped into the cylinder and then pressed out. The utility model is characterized in that a miniature cylinder is arranged on the filling head to drive a small piston to open and close the nozzle of the filling head. The whole filling head can rise and fall. The filling is about to begin, the nozzle inserted into the bottle, and the bottle bottom at a certain distance from the open small piston began filling, filling head with side up, until the liquid filling after closed nozzle, and rose to the position of the bottle. In the filling station on both sides there are two and two small cylinder drives the rod, a bottle at the entrance, the other one is located at the outlet of the bottle, they are with the card on the table together with the bottle filling device will make the bottle positioning accurate, accurate alignment of the bottle nozzle.

The conveyor belt motor is controlled by the frequency converter to realize stepless speed change and achieve the purpose of economic operation of the system. After the motor is started, the inlet cylinder is retracted, the empty bottle is fed from the conveyor belt, and the bottle is started. Then the outlet cylinder is extended, and the empty bottle is blocked by the exit block. When the number of the detected bottle is the same as that of the filling head, the inlet cylinder is extended, and the entrance is blocked from entering the bottle. At this time, the filling head down to the beginning of the bottle filling. At the end of the filling, the filling head rises, the outlet cylinder retracts, the conveyor motor starts to turn again, the filled bottle is sent out, and then, the inlet cylinder retracts, and the photoelectric switch starts to detect the number of bottles.