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Tablet Press Control Of The Pressing Process

Mar 27, 2019

Tablet press  control of the pressing process


Classification of tablet press:


The models can be divided into single-punch tablet press, flower basket tablet press, rotary tablet press, sub-high-speed rotary tablet press, automatic high-speed tablet press and rotary core-core tablet press.



1. Tablet dosing control of tablet pressing mechanism


Each kind of tablet has the different dose request, the big dose adjustment is realizes by the choice different punch diameter punch die. After the die size is selected, the tiny dose adjustment is to change the actual length of the middle die hole after the back cover by adjusting the depth of the down stroke into the middle die hole, so as to adjust the filling volume of the drug in the die hole. Therefore, there should be a mechanism to adjust the original position of the down punch in the die hole in the tablet press to meet the requirements of dose regulation.


2. Control of thickness and degree of compaction of TCM tablets in the process of tablet pressing mechanism


The dosage of the drug is determined according to the prescription and pharmacopoeia and cannot be changed. For storage, preservation, and disintegration time requirements, a certain dose of pressure is required during tablet pressing, which will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the tablet. Pressure regulation is essential during tablet pressing. This is achieved by adjusting the amount of down stroke in the die hole. Some presser in the process of pressing not only up and down action, but also can have the upward movement of the down, from the up and down relative movement to complete the process of pressing. But the pressure regulation realizes the pressure regulation and control mostly through the adjustment of the mechanism of upward rush and downward flow.

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