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Technology And Principle Of Tablet Press Machine In Pharmaceutical Industry

Jul 01, 2020

Technology and principle of tablet press machine in pharmaceutical industry

Working process of tablet press machine

The working process of tablet press can be divided into the following steps:

1. The punch part (its working position upward) of the powder tablet press extends from the lower end of the middle die hole into the middle die hole to seal the bottom of the middle die hole;

2. The feeder is used to fill materials (powder and particles) into the hole of the middle die;

3. The punch part of the upper punch of the pharmaceutical tablet press (its working position is downward) falls into the middle mold hole from the upper end of the middle mold hole, and goes down a certain stroke to press the powder into tablets;

4. Punch and lift out the hole. The tablet is pushed out of the middle die hole by down punching and rising to complete a tablet pressing process;

5. Go down to the original position and prepare for the next filling.

Principle of pharmaceutical tablet press

1. Dose control

Various tablets have different dose requirements, and large dose adjustment is achieved by selecting the die with different punch diameter. After the size of the die is selected, the micro dose adjustment is to adjust the depth of the punch into the middle die hole, so as to change the actual length of the middle die hole after the back cover, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the filling volume of the drug in the die hole. Therefore, the tablet press should have a mechanism to adjust the original position of the punch in the die hole to meet the requirements of dose adjustment.

2. Control of tablet thickness and compaction degree

The dosage of the drug is determined according to the prescription and pharmacopoeia and cannot be changed. In order to meet the time limit of storage, transportation, preservation and disintegration, a certain dose of pressure is also required during tablet compression, which will also affect the actual thickness and appearance of the tablet. It is necessary to adjust the pressure during tablet pressing. This is achieved by adjusting the downward amount of punch in the die hole. Some tablet presses not only have up and down action in the process of tablet pressing, but also can have downward movement. The relative motion of up and down stroke completes the tablet pressing process together. However, the pressure regulation is mostly realized by adjusting the mechanism of up and down stroke.