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The Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Has Become The New Favorite Of The Industry

Jun 20, 2018

The automatic capsule filling machine has become the new favorite of the industry

In order to meet the requirements of varied of modern commodity packaging, general packaging machinery and equipment adapted to many varieties and small quantities began to develop at home and abroad. The capsule filling machine is a packing machine that loads the exact number of packages into various containers.

It is understood that capsule filling machine is a special capsule filling equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. On the basis of the traditional capsule filling machine, it has been improved repeatedly. It improves the frequency and amplitude of the vibrator and the radian of the guide plate, so that the speed of the arrangement is faster and the success rate of the automatic arrangement is higher. The fuselage is made of stainless steel rigid material,meets the GMP standard requirements.It is the first choice for pharmaceutical factories, health care products factories and hospital preparation rooms.

China's domestic equipment in the production speed, production, precision, equipment operation stability are lower than the foreign products, especially in the preparation machinery and packaging machinery, our gap is very large, behind the European products lO years. For example, the price of a high-end capsule filling machine in foreign countries is 20 times as high as the domestic product, its production speed is 4 - 5 times the domestic capsule machine, and the rate of powder leakage is 1/10 of the domestic capsule machine.

However, compared with the imported products, the domestic capsule filling machine has a different variety, and its application variety is different, and the advantages of the domestic capsule filling machine are also obvious, such as low price, low maintenance cost and convenient after service. Therefore, only by making full use of the advantages of the equipment and making full use of the best performance of the equipment can we make the equipment better and better serve the production.