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The Cause And Treatment Of Broken Tablets During Pressing

Mar 23, 2018

The cause and treatment of broken tablets during pressing

When the pressure is too large, the pressure increases, the expanding degree will increase , and the combining power of the adhesive can not control the expansion. Therefore, the broken tablet exists, so the pressure should be reduced.

The upper punch and the die hole are not suitable. The die used for a long time is worn , which cause the inconsistency between the upper punch and the die hole. The upper punch has sharp internal curling edge and the pressure is not uniform, which makes the part of the slice press too high, causing the top crack or the die ring’s deformation.

Choose wrong adhesive, adhesive is too less when granulating, lack of cohesive when particles after drying, when powder is over, dry particles will be too hard, can cause collapse difficulties, so the adhesive should be appropriately added. Fine powder can be selected out a little if too much; If the particles are too hard, should granulate again and add more disintegration agent.

Particles dont meet requirement, loose texture and too much fine powder will cause tablet broken. Should adjust the concentration and dosage of adhesives, and improve granulating approaches to overcome.

Some crystalline drugs have not been cracked totally. This kind of drug can be fully crushed and granulated.

The temperature and the humidity is low. It is easy to cause crack, especially in the drug with poor viscosity. Adjust the temperature and humidity system accordingly.