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The Causes Of Empty Capsule In Capsule Filling Machine

Jan 29, 2021

Capsule filling machine is mainly used for the production of chemical/medical tablets, its main purpose is to make the drug production can achieve a complete set of process production, speed up the processing and packaging of drugs, and improve the production efficiency of enterprises. But sometimes, the capsule filling machine will produce a phenomenon in the production process, the empty bag. There are many reasons for the void, such as the hardness of the processed particles and the size of the gap between the copper plates. So, once there is an empty bag, how should we solve the problem.


First of all, we need to understand why the capsule filling machine has the phenomenon of empty capsule?


1. First of all, consider whether there are particles. If too many particles are added or the hardness is too large, the activity of capsules will be poor.


2. Considering the reason of counting plate, it is that the amount of plate is too thin, which will also affect the filling amount and result in empty capsule.


3. Consider whether the gap between the copper plate and the metering plate is too large, if it is too large, it will cause the powder to stay on the machine table, resulting in empty bag.


4. Considering the viscosity of the punch, if the viscosity is too large, it will also cause the phenomenon of voids in the filling process.


How to solve the problem of empty capsule in capsule filling machine


1. In addition, the appearance of empty bag phenomenon, we need to strictly in accordance with the product production process and automatic operation scale for investigation and research, detection of the problem in which link.


2. If a hopper is added to the empty bag, the detailed value of the hopper needs to be set, and the bag sowing process is carried out at a specific point where the numerical value fluctuates.


3. We need to fill the cover of the upper template into the lower template, and carry out the locking treatment to ensure that the product can flow into the accurate position.


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