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The Characteristics And Principle Of Small - Sized Clothing Wrapping Machine

Jun 20, 2018

The characteristics and principle of small - sized clothing wrapping machine



Small coating machine is a kind of machine for coating and polishing the forming chips in the pharmaceutical industry. Coating of coating after polishing and its colour and lustre and shining surface, the surface layer of icing sugar crystallization produced after complete consolidation package layer, can prevent the oxidation of the tablets chip metamorphism, be affected with damp be affected with damp or volatile, and buildings can be hidden chip taking discomfort of flavour, pills to facilitate recognition and assistance and solubility of the intestines and stomach, Buddhism, and so on in the human body.


I. product features:

1. The machine is equipped with a eccentric wheel, which can be used to adjust the tilt Angle of the sugarcoating pan according to the characteristics of the tablet.

2. Using worm and worm wheel as the terminal output of the movement, the operation is stable.

3. The hot air assembly device adopts resistance wire heating, with high and low temperature control, which is convenient to control.


Ii. Working principle:

As soon as possible to make the chip in its surface evenly coated with coating crystallization, and reach the purpose of polishing, must first to the pot chips by several times with spray syrup, again through the pot body clockwise, make it in the pot, friction, grinding, uniform icing. At the same time, hot air is poured into the pot to quickly remove the water on the surface of the tablet icing. Finally, the coating is evenly and smooth.

Small coating machine is icing process of commonly used equipment, to stabilize the pot body linear velocity of rotation, the tablets in the pot to form the best parabolic curve, reach the sugar coating layer thickness even, colour and lustre is light, not pitting process requirement.

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