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The Characteristics Of Blister Packing Machine To Packaging Material

Mar 05, 2021

1. The material of plastic

The major materials using in blister packing machine are cellulose, just like  fibrinin acetate, cellulose propionate, cellulose butyrate, Styrene, and such like unidirectional tensile polystyrene (OPS); Vinyl type, such as soft PVC plasticized , hard PVCnot plasticized ; film class.


The crux of blister packaging machinerys design is the choice of nature, grade and thickness of the diaphragm of blister the material. For General speaking, do the choice of hard diaphragm will consider the impact resistance, aging resistance, migration, the ability to the product, cost, hot sealing and the easily cutting or dressing of the bubble.


2. Hot sealing coating

It is applied for web material, and by groove roller coating, screen coating, rubber plate coating, or combined spraying method. The number of heat sealing coating on the cardboard or plastic sheet base, should be appropriate for making the whole blister package progress have the best way to heat sealing effect.


The main property of flux-type vinyl coatings are thermal viscosity, fluidity sealing temperature, gloss, etc. Hot sealing coatings machine must be compatible with either cardboard or plastic sheet-based blisters. Only the right coating way can be good bonding strength. For example to one, the coating material using is quite different from the coating material using in the polystyrene blister.


3. Printing ink material

The printing ink  material on the blistering should have high hot-resistant sealer temperatures (230 ~ 250℃), folding resistance,wear resistance,  no fading, and very good safe.


4. The cardboard

The board is selected by the size, shape, weight and the style of the production. The thickness data of cardboard using for blister packer is 0.36 to 0.76mm, and the most commonly using is 0.46 to 0.61mm. The bonding strength of paperboard and the blistering will be strongmen than the fiber tearing strength after hot sealing. Paperboard must have good stability and coating. The purpose of the white clay on the board is for improving the effects of the brush and the hot sealing quickly.


For meet various of needs, we can choose the plastic coating board, embossed board, and bleached sulphate board and recycled fiber board.