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The Development Of The Whole Capsule Filling Machine

Jun 04, 2020

The development of the whole capsule filling machine


Capsule filling machine is the special capsule filling equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is the important pharmaceutical equipment in the pharmaceutical factory, health product factory, hospital preparation room and so on. With the advent of the mechanization era and the opening of industry 4.0 era, the capsule filling machine is increasingly stepping into the road of automation, and the fully automated capsule filling machine arises at the historic moment.

In recent years, the production scale of various machinery industries in China has been continuously expanding, and the demand of greatly improved productivity has given rise to the rapid development of all kinds of automated and highly intelligent professional production lines, especially the labor-intensive packaging field. As an industry that conforms to the trend of automation and intelligence in packaging field, the emergence of all-Self capsule filling machine greatly increases the demand in the field of capsule filling, improves the safety and accuracy of capsule production, and further liberates the labor force.

Only one person can manage the operation of the entire production line, which can be said to be the great significance of the emergence of specialized production line. The development of production brings not only the improvement of production quality, but also the improvement of the ability to meet diversified market demands. Nowadays, with the increasing customer demand, people have put forward stricter requirements on product quality and performance, etc. The automatic capsule filling machine can better meet the personalized needs of customers, which also promotes the rapid development of the capsule field.

Automatic capsule filling machine adopts hole and plug filling, indirect operation, frequency conversion and speed regulation. It is suitable for powder or pellet capsule medicine to automatically complete the work of sowing, separating, filling, (waste capsule elimination) locking, finished product output and so on. All parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel and are equipped with vacuuming devices, which fully meet the requirements of GMP standard. The new structure of the fully automatic capsule filling machine is a fully enclosed ten-station working turntable, which has the advantages of high precision, low noise, strong adaptability to homemade mechanism capsules, etc. Its key parts bearings and electrical appliances are selected internationally, the performance is stable, and the machine can run at high speed.

With the continuous development of science and technology progress, new production technology of capsule filling machine is put forward higher requirements, the increasingly fierce competition, enterprises in the pharmaceutical machinery need to continuous innovation, improve automatic capsule technology constantly updated, let the automatic capsule filling machine advantages increasingly prominent, so as to promote the rapid development of the capsule filling machine industry.