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The Domestic Medicine Packing Machine Must Achieve The New Breakthrough In The Different Grade

Jul 14, 2020

The domestic medicine packing machine must achieve the new breakthrough in the different grade 

The earliest automatic packing machine used in China was the automatic packing machine imported from Italy in the mid-1970s. However, due to the inability of domestic packaging materials and medicine box processing to meet the requirements of machine packing, the machine has not been widely used. 

Until the 1980s, the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the processing and production of medicine boxes and other aspects of the technology has made obvious progress, automatic packaging machine began to get a comprehensive application. Since the 1990s, the domestic automatic box packing machine began to break the monopolized market situation of foreign products and began to be used by some domestic enterprises. In particular, the domestic automatic box packing machine went on the road of development.

 Compared with the similar foreign products, the domestic medicine packing machine is only slightly dominant in the middle and low end market, while the high end market is almost occupied by foreign products. 

Nowadays, some domestic universities and research institutes also participate in the development and production of drug packing machine, and there is a great breakthrough in the development and production of domestic drug packing machine. Increasing the size of the drug market in China, the increasing of product variety is various, the increasing of drug manufacturers, production automation degree unceasing enhancement, the market demand for pharmaceutical cartoning machine is in constant expansion, the appreciation potential is tremendous, believed that along with the development of our medical market, the increase of drug production, the development of Chinese pharmaceutical cartoning machine is bound to usher in a leapfrog development.