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The Industry Trend Of Cartoning Box Packing Machine

May 29, 2019

The Industry Trend of cartoning box packing Machine

The feeding of automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three entries: the instruction entrance, the medicine bottle entrance and the bag entrance. The whole process from feeding to packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: unloading, opening, filling and closing. The carton lowering action usually consists of a sucker sucking a carton from the cardboard inlet port down to the main line of the carton, fixing the carton by a rail clamp and opening the carton with a push board. At the same time, there will be two movable clamps rising from below, clamping the side of the carton from the front and back direction, so that the box opens at a right angle and moves forward to the filling area. After filling in the filling area, the mechanism of the machine will fold the ears into the left and right guide rails, and then perform the closing action. Before closing the cover, the mechanism bends the slot of the carton first, and then a push board pushes the lid to bend, so that the slot is inserted into the box and the lock is fastened. Covering is a key action, and the degree of completion is closely related to the structure of cartons and the accuracy of machine adjustment.

The automatic cartoning machine automatically loads biscuits, milk powder, toys, bottles, tablets, ointments and instructions into folding cartons, and completes the capping action. Some fully functional automatic cartoning machines also have additional functions such as labeling or wrapping heat shrinkage packages.

With the continuous development and strength of China's pharmaceutical industry, the increasing number of drug types and the enrichment of drug dosage forms, the quality of products produced by major pharmaceutical factories is constantly improving, and the requirements for drug packaging are constantly increasing, especially for automatic drug cartoning machines. Various multi-functional automatic cartoning machines are gradually entering pharmaceutical enterprises. In this paper, the relevant situation in this regard is discussed.