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The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Nov 17, 2017

The maintenance and maintenance of automatic capsule filling machine

The automatic capsule filling machine is a very important equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, and the capsule filling machine of Richpacking has been well received by many customers. Now I will introduce the maintenance and maintenance of the capsule filling machine:

1. Automatic capsule filling machine with intermittent motion and multi-station plug metering, is a concentration of capsule head, capsule, filling, pick out waste, capsule, finished product launch process in an automatic capsule filling equipment.

2. Operators and maintenance personnel shall operate strictly according to the operating procedures and maintenance procedures, and shall not violate the operation to ensure normal production.

3. The parts on the table are not allowed to be cleaned with gasoline, kerosene, ether, acetone and other solvents, and can be used for cleaning and wiping with fine cloth or absorbent cotton. The maximum is 1200 pills per minute.

4. The regulating organs and electrical parts must be flexible and reliable. In operation, the machine is strictly forbidden to contact the operating parts with hands or objects. The touch screen is strictly prohibited to clean with water.

5. The operator should add a food-grade lubricating oil to each refueling point weekly, and the inner CAM roller working face is coated with food grade grease once a week.

6. New oil should be added to the gearbox every six months, and oil should be replaced every two years (shell 68# gear oil)

7. During operation, the equipment is strictly forbidden to use hands and objects to rub its rotating parts to prevent danger.

8 every time after changing the mould, the main motor handwheel must be used to make the machine run 1 ~ 2 laps before starting. The machine should be flexible and free of abnormal resistance.


1). The automatic operation must close the glass door, such as opening the organic glass door, the security indicator will be out, the machine will stop changing.

2) 2). If the vacuum pump is not activated first, the main motor cannot start.

9 pre-boot preparation work

(1) start by turning the hand wheel of the motor with the hand to make the machine run one to three cycles and check if there is a lag phenomenon.

(2) check whether the vacuum degree meets the requirements. (table pressure -0.06 Mpa)

(3) when changing the mold, check the metering plate, the upper and lower parts, the fork, the guide slot, etc. If the wear is too large, it should be updated.

(4) check whether the capsules and materials meet the technical requirements, such as unqualified, and do not boot production.

Check the electrical components to be neat, the material position sensor to be flexible.