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The Market Demand For Medical Aluminum-plastic Blister Packaging Machine Is Gradually Expanding

Jun 11, 2020

The market demand for medical aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine is gradually expanding


Medical blister packaging is a common packaging form in medicine, with high barrier performance and good sealing performance, which can isolate the interference between drugs. In recent years, the automatic blister packaging machine for medicines has developed rapidly in China. Due to the long storage period and convenient portability of this kind of packaging, it is increasingly welcomed by pharmaceutical companies and consumers, and is gradually replacing traditional glass bottles. Packaging and bulk packaging have become the mainstream of solid pharmaceutical packaging. 

The common aluminum-plastic blister pack in the medical field is also called "blister pack", or "PTP" for short. In recent years, aluminum-plastic blister packaging has become a popular form of flexible packaging in the pharmaceutical industry due to its excellent light-shielding, gas barrier, moisture-proof, and taste-preserving properties. It has also made the competition between packaging equipment manufacturers more intense. 

Flat type aluminum-plastic blister automatic packaging machine medicine blister packaging began in Europe in the 1930s. my country began to introduce equipment, technology and raw materials in the 1980s. By the 1990s, my country had been able to manufacture a variety of equipment, began to be used by domestic pharmaceutical packaging companies, and could manufacture color series of pharmaceutical flexible packaging aluminum-plastic blister products. At present, my country's pharmaceutical blister packaging equipment has been able to meet the needs of domestic pharmaceutical packaging. 

According to a survey released by the US market research company Freedonia in 2017, the demand for pharmaceutical blister packaging is expected to grow by 6.5% annually. By 2021, the demand for pharmaceutical blister packaging will reach $4.4 billion, equivalent to 12.9 billion packages. It can be seen that the market prospect of pharmaceutical blister packaging equipment is very promising, and Chinese manufacturers can dig deeper. 

In general, my country's pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly developed in recent years supported by a number of policies, and the demand for aluminum foil blister packaging machines is also more prominent. Manufacturers of fully automatic aluminum-plastic blister packaging machines should combine customer requirements, seize market development trends, and strive to improve equipment quality. In terms of equipment stability, appearance, material selection, and production standards, we strive to break through and enter the market "competition" with higher competitiveness.