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The Operation Mechanism Of The Multi-punch Rotary Tablet Press Machine

Jun 23, 2020

The operation mechanism of the multi-punch rotary tablet press machine

Work table

The rotary plate-pressing machine has a working disc which rotates on a vertical axis. The outer edge of the turntable is divided into three layers, and there are many concentric through holes (with the same number of pairs) in each layer. The hole diameters of the upper and lower layers are the same. The size and the outer diameter of the upper and lower flushes are clearance matching. The upper and lower flushes are concentric as shown in the figure. Do up and down sliding in the hole. The diameter of the hole in the middle layer is matched with the outside diameter of the middle die. The middle die is put into the middle hole of the turntable, and the top wire of the middle die is used to fasten the middle die and the working turntable together. At the outer edge of the lower layer of the working turntable, a worm wheel closely fitted with it meshed with the worm in the main drive system to drive the working turntable to rotate. When the working wheel rotates, it also drives the upper, lower punch and middle die to rotate. At the same time of rotating the working rotary table, it is controlled by the respective guide rail to make up and down axial movement in the rotary table hole, so as to complete the work of pressing and stripping. The rotary table tows the punch through the feeding mechanism, the filling mechanism, the pressure mechanism and the strip outlet mechanism to complete the continuous sheet pressing process.

Feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism of the stamping machine is a crescent - gate feeding mechanism. There is a certain gap between the lower bottom surface and the upper surface of the medium die fixed on the working wheel. When the rotating medium die passes under the feeder, the drug particles in the grid fall into the mold hole, and the curved grid plate causes the form of drug multiple filling. The last grid of the feeder is equipped with a scraper, which is attached to the working plane of the rotary table to dry and take away the excess drugs on the rotary table and the upper surface of the middle die. Moonshaped gate feeder is made of non-toxic plastic or copper material.

Feeding process: the hopper fixed on the rack will scatter and replenish the powder to the feeder at any time. The function of the filling rail is to control the dose. When it reaches the highest point, the mold hole is opposite to the scraper.

The rotary tablet press with forced feeder is a kind of feeder developed in modern times. It is a sealed feeder. It is equipped with two sets of rotating scraper blades at the outlet. The feeder is suitable for high speed rotary tablet presses, especially for pressing granular materials with poor flow.