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The Process Of Making Tablet

Mar 17, 2020

The process of making tablet

Our common tablets are pressed out with a tablet press, and they will not loosen because of the addition of a binder, the binding force between the particles in the tablet, the electrostatic adsorption force and the solid bridge.

Tablets now have different preparation processes such as wet granulation, dry granulation, and direct compression of powders.

The classic method is wet granulation. The main process is:

Crushing and mixing-crush and mix the active ingredients and related auxiliary materials evenly

Making soft materials-using appropriate wetting agents, adhesives, commonly used ethanol, starch syrup, the mixed medicine powder and agglomerate

Granulation-making soft materials into particles of uniform size

Drying-drying the particles

Tableting-the granules are compressed into a tablet by a tablet press, the shape of the tablet is determined by the shape of the mold

Coating—Sliced or enteric coating, film coating on the outside of pressed tablets (called vegetarian tablets), and many tablets are not coated.

Compared with wet granulation, dry granulation does not have the step of making soft materials. The mixed powder is directly compressed into granules and then compressed into tablets.

Direct compression of powder is to directly compress the mixed medicine powder into tablets, but it is required that the excipients have good compressibility and fluidity.