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The Reasons And Solutions For The Accuracy Of The Capsule Number Granulator

Apr 08, 2018

The reasons and solutions for the accuracy of the capsule number granulator


There are problems with the quality of the capsules. In the actual operation process, what should we do if the capsule number machine has a problem with accuracy? For this,Rich packing tells you that there are five factors to consider in this situation. 

First, the bin design does not take into account the change of gravity; Secondly, the gap between the memory baffle and the granule cover is too large; In addition, the material of the granulation shield causes some drugs to produce static electricity at high speed rotation and friction. Then, the memory baffle is not put in place and cannot completely block the material; Then, the location of the falling cap is not correct; Finally, adjust the horizontal adjustment of the oscillating board when adjusting the machine. 

Second, materials and media factors. The setting oscillation frequency of capsules, tablets and pills is completely different. In addition, due to the large amount of dust in the material, the dust accumulation in the detection channel will prevent the infrared occluding, and the counting circuit will not work properly. Environmental factors also play a significant role in counting accuracy. 

Third, human factors. Human factors have great influence on the number of capsules. If the operator fails to operate the equipment according to the operating rules, or does not replenish the material in time, it will also result in the inaccurate performance of the count. 

Fourth, the problem of cylinder sensitivity. Cylinder reaction time can directly affect the accuracy of counting. 

Fifth, parameter setting factors. Such as bin gate setting, level 3 plate oscillations frequency setting, product length and minimum parameters setting, estimated the number of set value, the counting speed Settings, the separation speed setting, etc. These Settings will affect the accuracy of the capsules.

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