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The Recent Development Of The Tablet Pill Capsule Counting Machine Technology

Nov 25, 2020

Photoelectric (3D) tablet counting machine

The software system for tablet counting particles should be changed to FPGA, which is also the most popular software system used in aviation technology. The most advanced features are radiation resistance, high performance, and low power consumption. FPGA can reconstruct the structure and working mode of the hardware through software programming. Modifying the software program is equivalent to changing the hardware, with fast speed and high reliability. The reliability of FGA just overcomes the inadequate running and flying phenomenon that other manufacturers use MCU at present, and the problem of low counting accuracy. And the same as the use of PLC stand-alone, the use of serial execution instructions, the speed can not be fast.

3D infrared scanning, the current tablet counting machine uses single-line infrared pulses. To change the pulse, it is necessary to form a net shape to scan the tablet counting without blind spots.

 servo tablet counting machine

Because the third-generation electronic tablet pill counting machine adopts a cylinder drive structure, some problems are slowly discovered during use, such as low tablet counting accuracy, high maintenance costs in the later stage, and low output. In recent years, domestic and foreign companies represented by German Uman Company and Xi'an Kelimu Company have achieved mass production and market launch on servo tablet counting machines, which has fundamentally solved the common problems of third-generation counting machines. In addition, the automatic fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring alarm display system are added, and multiple sets of parameters can be stored, which can be called directly when changing products. It is confirmed from the users later response that the servo counting machine has indeed reduced a lot of unnecessary losses in terms of counting accuracy and later maintenance costs, greatly reducing costs and improving economic benefits.