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The Treatment Method That The Tablet Pressed By Tablet Press Can Not Be Disintegrated Within The Specified Time Limit

May 14, 2020

The treatment method that the tablet pressed by tablet press can not be disintegrated within the specified time limit

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Tablet press can be widely used in all kinds of research institutes, enterprise research and development, pharmaceutical factories, health products factories and other fields. The common tablet press can be divided into high-speed rotary tablet press, single tablet press and rotary tablet press. Among them, the rotary tablet press is the basic equipment suitable for batch production, which can be used not only in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in the production of health food, veterinary medicine tablet and chemical tablet.

The correct installation and reasonable operation of the high-speed tablet press, as well as regular maintenance of the rotary tablet press, are conducive to extending its service life. However, in the operation of the equipment, there are often some failures, which need the user's attention. For example, the rotating tablet press often has the situation of loose pieces. The reasons include insufficient pressure, less compression time, uneven length of upper punching, loose punch, etc. the causes of tablet cracks include too much pressure, inconsistent die, too fast rotation speed, etc.

In the production process of the rotary tablet press, there are often cases that the pressed tablets can not be disintegrated within the specified time limit, which affects the dissolution, absorption and efficacy of the drugs. What's the matter? How to solve it?

Generally, the disintegrating medium is water or artificial gastric juice, and its viscosity does not change much, so the four main factors that affect the penetration of disintegrating medium (water) into tablets are the number of capillaries, the pore diameter of capillaries, the surface tension of the liquid and the contact angle.

The influencing factors of tablet disintegration include the following parts:

First, the compressibility of the raw and auxiliary materials of the pharmaceutical powder tablet press. The raw and auxiliary materials with strong compressibility are prone to plastic deformation when compressed, and the disintegration of tablets is slow. The results showed that the addition of starch in some tablets could increase the porosity of the tablets, significantly enhance the water absorption of the tablets and facilitate the rapid disintegration of the tablets.

Second, the hardness of Chinese herbal medicine tablet press particles. When the hardness of particles is small, they are easy to be broken by compression, and the tablets disintegrate slowly; on the contrary, when the hardness of particles is large, the tablets disintegrate faster.

Third, the pressure of the electric tablet press. In general, the higher the pressure, the slower the disintegration of tablets. Therefore, the pressure should be moderate, otherwise the tablet is too hard to disintegrate. However, the disintegration time of some tablets decreases with the increase of pressure, so they need to be treated differently.

Fourthly, lubricant and surfactant for automatic high-speed tablet press. Hydrophobic lubricants commonly used in tablets may also seriously affect the wettability of tablets and accelerate the disintegration of tablets. When hydrophobic lubricant and particles are mixed for a long time and with a large mixing strength, the surface of particles is completely covered by hydrophobic lubricant. Therefore, the pore wall of the tablet has strong hydrophobicity, which can significantly prolong the disintegration time.

In addition, tablet disintegration is also affected by other excipients. For example, the influence of starch, starch can make insoluble or hydrophobic drugs disintegrate quickly, but it has poor effect with water-soluble drugs; the adhesive has strong binding force, and the amount is more, which can make the disintegration time limit exceed; the amount of lubricant is more, which can make the disintegration time limit exceed.

The storage conditions of tablets are also very important. It is understood that the disintegration time of tablets is often prolonged after storage, which is mainly related to the temperature and humidity of the environment, that is, the tablets slowly absorb moisture, so that the disintegrating agent can not play its disintegration role, so the disintegration of tablets becomes relatively slow. When the storage temperature of the sugar containing tablets is high or the tablets are wet, the disintegration will be prolonged obviously.