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The Working Principle Of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Jan 09, 2020

The Working Principle Of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Generally speaking, the vertical cartoning machine packs faster, but the scope of packaging is relatively small. Generally speaking, the cartoning machine can be divided into vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine according to the structure of the machine. Box machine. It is only for single products such as medicine boards, and horizontal cartoning machines can box a variety of products, such as soap, medicine, food, hardware, auto parts, etc.

The feeding of automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three inlets: instruction manual inlet, medicine bottle inlet and machine box inlet. The entire process from the feeding of the package box to the final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: the carton is fixed by a rail card position and the carton is opened with a push plate, and there are two cards that can move forward The position is raised from below, and the side of the carton is clamped from the front to the back, so that the box is opened at a right angle and moved forward to the loading area. After filling in the loading area, the mechanism of the machine is inserted into the ears and folded into the left and right guide rails, and then the lid is closed. The front cover closing mechanism will first bend the tongue of the carton, and then press the push plate to push the cover. Relationship.

The Automatic Cartoning Machine Automatically Stacks Medicine Bottles, Medicine Trays, Ointments And Instructions Into Folded Cardboard Boxes And Completes The Capping Operation. Some Of The More Fully-automatic Cartoners Also Come With Sealed Labels Or Heat Shrink Packaging. And More. The Feeding Of Automatic Cartoning Machine Is Generally Divided Into Three Feeding Ports: Manual Feeding Port For Manual, Feeding Port For Medicine Bottle And Feeding Port For Chassis. Remove The Box And Open, Fill And Close The Lid. The Action Of Lowering The Box Is Usually That The Suction Cup Sucks Out The Carton From The Carton Paper Inlet And Descends To The Main Line Of The Carton. The Carton Is Fixed By Rails And Push Plates: The Carton. The Forward-moving Card Slot Rises From Below And Clamps The Sides Of The Carton From Front To Back, So That The Box Opens At A Right Angle And Moves Forward To The Loading Area. After Filling The Loading Area, Insert The Machine's Mechanism Into The Ear And Fold Into The Left And Right Rails, Then Close The Lid. The Front Mechanism Of The Lid Will First Bend The Tongue Of The Carton And Then Push The Push Plate To Bend The Lid So That The Tongue Can Be Inserted Into The Box Through The Middle Lock. The Action Of Closing The Lid Is The Key Action. This Has A Lot To Do With The Structure Of The Carton And The Accuracy Of The Machine Adjustment.