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The Working Principle Of The Capsule Number Granulator

Apr 08, 2018

The working principle of the capsule number granulator


A capsule is a form of drug presentation, a shell that protects a drug. In daily life, you must be familiar with the capsule medicine, although small effect is very big. In people's demand for pharmaceutical products to improve the present, capsule pharmaceutical production is more and more big, how to ensure that such a big quantity of the capsule drug reaching patients accurately, no deviation? This is when the capsule count machine is needed to help. 

It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries, mainly for the counting of capsules, tablets, granule and other drugs or food. In the case of a semi-automatic capsule, when the device is in operation, the package bottle is arranged into a group in the bottle box, and then the bottle box is pushed into the track and the bottle box is positioned. At this point, open the oscillator and adjust the oscillation frequency, open the capsule storage valve and let the capsule into the oscillating box. 

Due to the oscillatory motion of electromagnetic vibrator, the capsule will slide down the number of grains of board, and due to rolling friction resistance is less than the sliding friction resistance, the capsule moving downward in the process of the performance for rolling more actually. When the capsule is slightly larger than the number of holes in the capsule, the capsule will fall into it, and each of the number of holes can be compared with the capsule on the dislocation board. If there are two capsules on a number of holes, the capsule will be closed and the capsule will be closed so that the extra capsules can be found in their own place, so that the count can be realized.

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