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The Working Principle Of The Capsule Pill Counting Machine

Dec 09, 2020

The working principle of the capsule pill counting machine is to initially adjust the vibrating feeding plate to make the medicine granules in the hopper vibrate continuously along the vibrating plate track until they fall from the front photoelectric detection channel and dispatch the photoelectric sensor to start counting.

  When the number of medicine granules reaches a predetermined quantity, the PLC will give the electric valve signal to close the discharge port, and the counted medicine granules will fall on the outlet bottle to realize the function of counting granules. This is more common in the pharmaceutical industry. With the development of technology, the photoelectric counting machine appeared later.

  The electronic capsule pill counting machine plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. It is mainly controlled by an electronic computer and a counting method of dynamic scanning, so that the medicines in each filling are evenly distributed.

  The electronic capsule pill counting machine can be filled with multi-channel cans, with stable running speed and low noise. "The counting ability of the electronic capsule pill counting machine is very high and it can automatically change bottles. When an error occurs in the system, the electronic counting machine can also automatically stop working, and then check the cause of the error."

Guangdong Ruiqi suggests that users need to refer to many factors when choosing an electronic tablet counter, such as compatibility. If the company has more varieties and frequent replacements, the tablet problem should be considered, such as whether it is a special-shaped tablet, capsule, etc. compatibility.

It is necessary to consider the anti-dust ability, because the solid preparation produces more powder, if the dust is too much, can the equipment still work stably? The material protection ability can be seen through the process of unloading and discharging to ensure its stability, ensuring accurate bottling While reducing material damage.

  The ability to prevent drug blocking and detection functions, such as automatic particle removal, automatic fault detection, etc. Of course, speed and accuracy are also important factors to consider, but stability and reliability are actually more important than speed.

   In addition, the purchase of an electronic counting machine depends on the accuracy and reliability of the equipment, which is a necessary condition. Generally, there are 4 links that affect the filling accuracy of the capsule pill  counting machine: photoelectric sensor, sub-storage mechanism, feeding opening, and bottle moving mechanism. The equipment should adopt high-dust-resistant sensing technology to ensure continuous and reliable counting even when working for a long time.

   The ease of operation of the electronic counting machine requires that the counting machine be fully adapted to the current situation of the operators and maintenance personnel of the pharmaceutical factory, and be easy to adjust, operate and clean. The safety of the electronic counting machine is also a major factor, including the safety of the operation in the packaging process and the protection of the quality of the medicine.

   In addition to the selection of appropriate safety materials, the protection of drug quality must also ensure that no damage to the drugs is caused during the technical process. The equipment must have a reasonable management, drug delivery agency, and warehouse distribution agency.

    Guangdong Richpacking Machinery has 27 years of experience in the development and production of professional electronic counting machines. The company operates fully automatic 6th and 7th generation high-speed automatic electronic counting machines, which are suitable for various capsules, tablets, medicines, and candy milk tablets in the pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare industries Bottling of several pieces of products such as pellets and agricultural crop seeds. It has the characteristics of stable operation, accurate counting, fast bottling, and intelligent dust collection. It can be combined with a bottle unscrambler, a paper stopper, a capping machine, a labeling machine and other combined automatic counting packaging production lines. Welcome to contact us.