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The Working Process And Types Of ALU-PVC Blister Packing Machine

May 19, 2018

The working process and types of ALU-PVC blister packing machine


The working process of ALU-PVC blister packaging machine


The PVC heating device heats the PVC to a temperature we set before. The pressurized air plus mechanical forming device blows the heated and softened PVC into a smooth blister, then fills the material through the feeding device, and inserts the formed roller into the pressure roller. The foam belts are pressed into the corresponding sockets of the heat-sealed aluminum cylinders in a synchronized and straight manner, and the aluminum foil and the PVC are heat-sealed by a roller heat-sealing device.


Types of ALU-PVC blister packaging machine


1.ALU-PVC blister packaging machine can be divided into wall-type and box-type according to body styling mechanism.

2.ALU-PVC blister packaging machines can be classified according to the method of forming: flat-plate compressed air molding and drum vacuum forming.

3.ALU-PVC blister packaging machine can be divided into automatic level according to the level of automation: aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, automatic and semi-automatic.