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The Working Process Of Cartoning Machine

May 21, 2019

The working process of cartoning machine


The general working process of a box loader is to automatically load products and instructions into a folded carton or other material box, and complete the sealing operation. Some of the more powerful packaging machine can even complete the lid for labeling and thermal shrinkage packaging and other accessories.

The production efficiency of automatic box loading machine is high

Generally, there are three entrances for packing: outer packing entrances, instruction entrances and product entrances. There are four steps from putting the three items into the inlet to completing the packaging: putting the box in, opening the box, filling the product and instructions, and closing the lid.

Generally, the packaging machine sucks the outer package from the entrance of the outer package, and then transports it to the packing line. The relevant mechanical operating arm opens the empty package, and then transports the packing box to the position of the product at a certain Angle. The product is packed by the mechanical arm and then sealed by the mechanical automatic equipment.

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