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There Are Many New Products Of Tablet Presses Machine, And The Direction Is Intelligent, Flexible And Precise.

Dec 18, 2019

There are many new products of tablet presses machine, and the direction is intelligent, flexible and precise.


The tablet press is mainly used for tablet technology research in the pharmaceutical industry. It can press granules into round, irregular and automatic continuous production equipment with text, symbols and graphics. The tablet press is of great significance in the pharmaceutical production process.

The powder tablet press has a long production history in China, with an early export and large output. The number of tablet press manufacturers, varieties and specifications are among the highest in the world. Especially in recent years, tablet press manufacturers have begun to attach importance to product quality and believe in the business philosophy of "winning by quality". The tablet press products developed have the characteristics of simple operation, convenient and quick cleaning.

In the 21st century, with the deepening of GMP certification, ZP series pharmaceutical tablet presses that fully comply with GMP have appeared one after another. High-speed rotary tablet presses have made great progress in terms of output, pressure signal acquisition, and rejection technologies. In addition, with the improvement of manufacturing process technology, automation control technology, and various special needs of tablet press manufacturers, various special use tablet presses have also appeared.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the single punch tablet machine and the uneven density inside the tablet, a rotary multi-punch bidirectional tablet press began to be born. This tablet press punches up and down at the same time and uniformly pressurizes, so that the air in the drug particles has ample time to escape from the die hole, which improves the uniformity of the tablet density and reduces the phenomenon of chipping. In addition, the rotary tablet press has the advantages of small machine vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and accurate tablet weight.

The high-speed rotary tablet press has a forced feeding mechanism. The machine is controlled by PLC and has functions such as automatic pressure adjustment, control of film weight, rejection of waste film, print data, and display of fault shutdown. In addition, it can control the difference of tablet weight within a certain range Inside and outside, quality problems such as missing corners and loose lobes can be automatically identified and eliminated.

Nowadays, although China's candy tablet press industry has made great achievements, new products have also emerged endlessly. In the face of the growing demand of the pharmaceutical market, China's tablet press enterprises still need to continue technological innovation to promote the tablet press equipment to become intelligent. development of. It is understood that the current development direction of foreign tablet press technology is intelligent, flexible and precise. In order to promote the rapid development of the tablet press industry, it is better used in pharmaceutical production and other fields.

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