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Three Dimensional Packaging Machine Working Principle And Function Characteristics Introduction

Nov 17, 2017

Three dimensional packaging machine working principle and function characteristics introduction

three dimensional packaging machine has been widely used in various industries, compared with other machines, three dimensional packaging machine more energy saving province electricity, so most of the businesses are choosing three dimensional packaging machine three dimensional packaging machine also have different classification according to the different form Following a brief introduction of the functions and characteristics of the three dimensional packaging machine, so that the customers in selecting transparent film packaging equipment for reference

Working principle 

the film is cut by the knife in accordance with the requirements of the packing, small packing box by the conveyor conveyor, cylinder push stacking (according to the requirements of form and quantity), form a medium-sized packaging wrap film and folding coating, because this equipment without heat shrinkable packaging machine heat sealing heating oven will be wrapped object as a whole, and use local point instant low-temperature packet, won't make the box packaging production temperature changes,This is called a cold charter. Can replace heat shrink packaging machine.

Functional characteristics

The heat - shrinkable packaging machine should save energy and electricity, and the whole sealing package: waterproof and moisture-proof.

The instant seal, the heat sealing station is not stored; It is similar to cold package, which has no effect on drug and heat sensitive products

Full automatic: automatic feeding, piling, packing, heat sealing, finishing, counting.

The electrical control system is the center of programmable controller PLC, ensuring stable and reliable operation of equipment and stable performance.

Automatic zero and reset function, the equipment is humanized and intelligent. Use, operation, maintenance, dimension

It's easier to fix.