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Transformation Of Domestic Pharmaceutical Machinery: Working Towards High-end Technology

Aug 06, 2020

At present, various economic indicators of my country's pharmaceutical machinery industry have declined, including new orders and production and sales levels. At the same time, the substantial increase in capital occupation has also created a large amount of idle resources and reduced efficiency. In the current macroeconomic downturn, companies must break through the predicament and reverse the situation. The road to transformation is very clear, and that is to focus on high-end technology.

   In the past few years, the technological development trend of my country's pharmaceutical machinery industry has become more and more consistent with the technological development of the world's counterparts, but the overall technical level is low. In the field of high, sophisticated, and high-tech products, the supply of products exceeds demand. Therefore, the research and development of high-end products adapted to China's domestic market has become a shortcut for my country's pharmaceutical machinery companies to survive.

  Who can become the leading company in the pharmaceutical machinery industry in the future? Undoubtedly those companies with high-tech and innovative products. Industry statistics show that the sales of traditional products in pharmaceutical equipment, such as extraction tanks, concentrators, drying ovens, etc., have been declining year by year, while sales of high-tech pharmaceutical machinery products have increased steadily. Among similar products, automated equipment gradually replaces semi-automatic equipment, and advanced equipment gradually replaces backward equipment. Product technology level will become a key factor in determining the company's market share. The implementation of the pharmaceutical equipment quality and safety market access system is an important measure taken to ensure the quality and safety of drugs based on the actual situation in my country.

   The author has learned that, with the revolutionary breakthroughs and cross-integration in important fields and cutting-edge directions such as information technology, new energy, new materials, and biotechnology, smart factories are triggering a new round of industrial transformation. The pharmaceutical smart factory is a new type of factory for the entire process of drug production from raw materials to warehousing, based on high-end intelligent equipment, using advanced technologies such as informatization, big data, and cloud processing, and highly integrated with drug production process requirements to achieve intelligent production. .

At present, China is in the wave of a new round of industrial technology revolution promoted by "Made in China 2025". How to seize this historical opportunity to deeply integrate new technologies with traditional pharmaceutical production, change the production mode of pharmaceutical companies, and realize pharmaceutical The industry's "Made in China 2025" is a test and a major opportunity given by history to our pharmaceutical equipment companies.

In the future, the pharmaceutical smart factory will provide pharmaceutical enterprise customers with a business model of single or several pharmaceutical equipment, which will surely be composed of high-end pharmaceutical equipment, robots, smart sensors, intelligent management systems, and Internet-based cloud platforms. The overall solution of the smart factory is replaced.